Monday, October 31, 2011

Video by email today by syeq quaderq

Video by Email
Video support in email in these days has become a hot topic. Since the video usage in couple of years has improved in software and bandwidth, the email industry has started researching the means and method to adopt this feature.
There has been an intense research in HTML5 and XHMTL and in new version the video tag has been introduced. This has proved to be very helpful as it is a single codec which can be used to all of browsers without third party plug-in like Flash. Here most of the browsers have given it a complete support to this tag.
Recently there were embedding techniques using object and embed tag. This was particularly good as there was no back flash support to email. Thus flash, QuickTime and windows media were used on files to insert through object and embedded tags. Animated GIF file were some what helpful but lack of audio support and video quality made it of no worth. Another approach was through embedded mpeg same as image embedding using base64 coding. HTML is the only way of embedding using dynsrc attribute using img tag. The draw back is, it works only in Internet Explorer.
Recently under severe competitions among email industries web based email clients have come up to have video chatting and conference like AOL web, Gmail, Yahoo mail and Mobileme. It further advanced and video was used in Desktop email clients AOL 10 and apple mail, windows mail etc. mobile market was also not lagging behind and developed email client system on video conferencing like blackberry and some latest versions of windows.
Before the technologies developing videos were sent as an attachment by compressing the video and choosing that email which gives more space for attachment. It could be uploaded on YouTube if not private and however there are settings to make it private in it. Under attachment, if the files were big it could be split and then attached to mail.
Video email has great importance in business and marketing field. It can be used in vigorous campaigning of products. It can be used for enhancing the subject of our messages we are sending. Like in real estate for builders, project management for management students to show statistics and many more. There are many companies providing this feature by making codes. They transfer video into flash movie and place it in online gallery and give HTMLL code on website or provide directly business marketing software over email and to send it to customers.

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